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If you grew up in the pre-digital age like I did, you know and probably love “pocket” books, those little packets of information and storytelling condensed into a pocket-size ream of paper. In 2009, SCOUT BOOKS resurrected this miniature marvel, reaching out to various collaborators to produce book collections, but also offering their services to those who want to create their own books. What’s more, the company is super-green, using recycled papers and soy-based inks.

Scout reached out to 12 Bottle Bar to contribute to “The Cocktail Hour: Rum, Gin, and Vodka”, a three-pack of single spirit cocktail recipe guides. We jumped at the chance, considering the company we would be keeping including Camper English of Alcademics, Ryan Magarian of Aviation Gin, and Michael Shea from Rum Club.

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