12 Bottle Bar

Co-Founded by David Solmonson and Lesley Jacobs Solmonson, 12 Bottle Bar was created with the simple goal of making classic cocktails accessible to the home bartender.  Despite having a voluminous liquor cabinet, the Solmonsons were continually frustrated by drink recipes that called for more and more esoteric ingredients.  The solution?  Create a fixed list of main ingredients – the twelve bottles – and present hundreds of classic and original cocktails that could be made from them.

12 Bottle Bar is targeted specifically at the novice home bartender.  The primary goals are to engage and excite the reader and generally raise the quality of drinking in the average American home.

Since its beginning in the Fall of 2009, 12BottleBar.com has expanded to include overviews of classic watering holes, reviews of cocktail books and products, and interviews with some of the cocktail world’s luminaries, including David Wondrich, Ted Haigh, and Gaz regan among others. Our Halloween series are enthusiastically followed — in 2012, we offered favorite movies from horror filmmakers and actors, including Lloyd Kaufman, Ted Raimi, and Joe Dante, complemented by “horror”-inspired cocktails.

Recently, we were nominated by Saveur magazine as one of the 6 best cocktail blogs in America.



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